3-Three Friends & A Bottle Of Rum


“Whats  a Sarpa Kavu?” Nakul wanted to know.

Neil explained, “As a race we worship Nagas, and many of our mythologies also involves Nagavanshi or Race Of The Nagas. In olden times according to legend, when Parshuram threw the axe which created Kerala as you know it today, the snakes of the forest assembled and besieged him to let them stay on. It was arranged that the snakes would stay in snake coves along with the inhabitants. Hence you will still find snake coves in older houses in Kerala.  ‘Sarpa Kavu’ literally translates to Snake Cove.

“And Nagayakshi”?

“Each snake cove consists of a Nagadevan and his consort Nagayakshi. Nagayakshi assumes more importance as in most Nair tharavadus in Kerala (Ancestral Maternal Homes ) people follow the matrilineal system for inheritance and power. ”

“The Nagayakshi hold immense vitality and power. They are symbols of benevolence and terror at the same time. A happy Nagayakshi will bring prosperity to the household while her wrath can wreck an entire generation from the same tharavadu.”

2-Three Friends & A Bottle Of Rum

“He has been nodding for sometime now.  He is bored already”  Nitin seemed amused.

“Pour me one too ..” said he to  Nakul half awakening him from his stupor.  Nakul had poured in his fourth, he calmly picked the glass and poured one more for his friend.  He was a nice guy.  Neil had gone inside for a leak.

It had begun to drizzle slightly. The sea breeze brought the  rain droplets in swarms into the verandah.  A few had hit the table. They didn’t really mind. The attendant though did. He had immediately come upstairs to lower the “payaas“.


Paaya was a mat  made of dried coconut tree leaves matted into each other and firmed up with strong thin sticks at their ends. The heavier ends thus prevented excessive swaying against strong winds.

The rain brought in darkness. They had lost power. Kerala like most other states in India had a power deficit. The Government had tied up with a foreign country to bring in Nuclear Energy to the masses. The left had usual derided the move and had wailed about selling off to the foreign power. The extreme right had cried about not bargained enough and cried themselves hoarse over how they would had done better.

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1-Three Friends & A Bottle Of Rum

Kanaka Beach House  - Kannur

The Attic'c Boutique Rum

It could have been a joke or maybe an irony, the table of friends. One was a keralite brought up in Bangalore. The other was born and brought up in Mumbai. Neither really cared about Kerala enough to live there. The third was thrissur born but currently sowing oats in Bangalore.


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